Our Team


Our guides are the most important part of our business. They’re proud to represent our company, our communities and New Zealand as a whole. They’re assured in their knowledge and proficient in their service.

We only employ guides who are passionate about the experience their passengers receive. These guides come from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring with them an equally vast skillset and knowledge base. Some are members of Les Clefs D’Or, others have received the Queen’s Service Medal, some have been farmers and local government representatives, others educators and executives. 

Irrespective of their histories each driver has the in-depth local knowledge, dedicated professionalism and passion for sharing the hidden gems and enthralling stories of our beautiful region. 


Ensuring our guests make the most of their time here requires both big picture awareness and small detail focus. With our dedicated support team ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we provide behind-the-scenes expertise for on-the-road experiences. 

There are always a number of contingencies with travel to this part of the world and it’s our job to make sure there are no bumps in the road. With our decades of experience and extensive network we help everything go to plan and, when this plan needs to change, make sure it does so in the most fulfilling way possible. 

With quality control checking once, twice and three times if necessary, nothing is left to chance. Thanks to this exceptional logistics support we can see beyond the next curve in the road, looking ahead with confidence and clarity. 

Jonathan McNay : Director

Jonathan McNay: Director

Duncan Field : Director

Duncan Field: Director

Anna Field : General Manager

Anna Field: General Manager

David McNay  : Chairman

David McNay : Chairman

Marty Fraser : Operations Manager

Marty Fraser: Operations Manager

Graham Alsweiler : Driver Guide

Graham Alsweiler: Driver Guide

Elizabeth Park : Driver Guide

Elizabeth Park: Driver Guide

Leo Wilson : Driver Guide

Leo Wilson: Driver Guide

Paula Thomas : Driver Guide

Paula Thomas: Driver Guide

Kevin Orlowski : Driver Guide

Kevin Orlowski: Driver Guide

Russell Carr : Driver Guide

Russell Carr: Driver Guide

Dot Macara:  Driver Guide

Dot Macara: Driver Guide

Bob Young : Driver Guide

Bob Young: Driver Guide

Peter Dunne:  Driver Guide

Peter Dunne: Driver Guide

Greg Eaden : Driver Guide

Greg Eaden: Driver Guide