About US

As the largest limousine company in the South Island we have the history and expertise to deliver seamless travel experiences of the highest standard. As a proudly local, family-owned business we have the passion and dedication to ensure our guests enjoy lifelong memories of their time with us here.

Our reputation has been forged over the last four decades and it’s one we work hard to maintain every day, in every aspect of our work. Be it for a short jaunt, a sightseeing day trip or a multiple day tour, nothing is left to chance.  Others may follow the roads we drive. But no company can match the quality journey we offer. 



There are five key capabilities that make us the best at what we do.

1. Knowledge 

For such a well-known destination Queenstown still has its share of hidden gems and unknown quantities. Good inside knowledge is essential if you want to make the most of your stay here.

From wild weather to delayed flights, closed roads to snow days, the Queenstown and wider South Island region can provide many logistical challenges. So too do some of the off-the-beaten-path adventures offer the most memorable of experiences. We’re up to the task, our local know-how and vast experience ensuring no opportunity is missed. 

2. Experiences

There are no limits. Be it wineries, art galleries or history. Whether it’s jet boats, golf courses or lakefront dining. Anything you can dream up we can make happen. 

It’s all about what you need. This may be an ideal itinerary of set times or it may be a follow-our-nose journey into the incredible landscape. We have a number of tried and true tours, journeys carefully developed with years of on-the-ground experience. However there are also many opportunities to create a bespoke tour perfectly fitted to the your hopes and dreams. 

3. Logistics 

With our decades of experience and future-focused logistical nous we keep all the twists and turns straightforward and easy to navigate. Our guests get from A to B and, when required, see the very best of the rest of the alphabet along the way.

After over thirty years in the business we know our reputation has been built on reliably delivering guests in style, to schedule and in comfort. We’ve invested in an expert support team to ensure this happens each and every time. From meeting helicopters to backcountry lunches to simply moving a large group around a small town, our guides and service team will get you there and back again. 

4. Capacity

Within our fleet and throughout our service we provide every necessary choice in transport, be it for the single person or the sizeable group.

Be it a late model luxury sedan, SUV, luxury mini-van or large passenger van we have the means to move your guests. For larger groups our partner coach company works under LSQ management also. Our standards remain steadfast no matter the size of the guest list. We move a large group with the same attention to detail and luxurious care as we would an individual – why we remain the limousine company of choice for corporate groups and VIPs. 

5. Personality 

Yes, sometimes you’ll want a quiet, reflective time or a fast, no-fuss trip. But, more often than not, what makes the journey special for our guests is the connection they’ll make with their guide.

We offer not just a professional service but a personal one also. Diligent, diplomatic and highly skilled at what they do, our guides wouldn’t be working here if they didn’t 100% love their work. They enjoy sharing this place and, as importantly, connecting with their passengers. It’s why our relationships with some guests have travelled well beyond that first trip and through into lifelong friendships.




When Walter and Dale Zimmerman launched Limousine Services Queenstown in 1985, they never set out to become tourism icons. But that’s exactly what they became. Over thirty years later, their approach to limousine services still underpins everything we do.

With exceptional ability to make everyone feel welcome, Dale and Walter shared the stories and sights of this district. They established a team of driver-guides with huge passion and an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area. We are hugely proud of the fact that many of our driver-guides today were also drivers with Walter and Dale.

After Walter and Dale, Limousine Services Queenstown was delivered into the steady hands of long-term local family, the Marratts. They skilfully carried on the reputation that Walter and Dale had worked to establish until the current owners, the Field family took over in 2011. With two generations of Fields now running the business, Limousine Services Queenstown is yet again in the highly skilled hands of a respected, long-term local family.


For those in the know, the names Jonathan and David McNay are the stuff of legends. True gentlemen and hosts, with a capacity for hospitality as deep as Lake Wakatipu (it’s 400 metres deep, but you’d know that if you had been on a journey with one of the McNays), these two know a thing or two about exceptional experiences. The original founders of Limousine Line Queenstown, Jonathan and David merged their highly respected limousine service with Limousine Services Queenstown in 2013.